Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Grad Life @ UofT - Cherry Blossom Viewing

Spring has arrived not too long ago, roughly 3 weeks ago. With Spring on its way, it means that undergraduate and graduate courses are coming to end. Free at last from teaching and it is time to enjoy ourselves. There are a lots of activities to do in Toronto, but what I love the most is probably cherry blossom (or rather sakura) viewing.

So, where do you get to see sakura in Toronto? Well, there is a park called High Park in Toronto which you can get there by taking the subway. I believe that this is the only place in Toronto that has a good amount of sakura trees planted. The view is absolutely beautiful. I am embedding Google Map for those who are interested to know where it is. The place where most of the sakura trees are planted is located beside Grenadier pond.

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Now that you know the park is located at, let me show some pictures that I took when I went there with my friends from the System Control Group at the University of Toronto. It was truly a great view and great atmosphere.

The guy in the middle, that's me. The other two on the right, those are my friends from my lab. (^.^)

So, when do the sakura trees start to bloom? Well, the truth is there is no fixed time. It ultimately depends on the weather and you will have to check High Park's website to get time the cherry blossom will start to bloom. Therefore, it is not easy for visitors not from Toronto to plan the visit to view sakuras.

But, if you are a grad student in University of Toronto, then it is extremely easy to take a look at this awesome view (since you have a flexible schedule). Why don't you consider UofT as one of your potential grad school? It is not only a good school, it also offers a lot of activities for grad students!

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