Tuesday, 18 June 2013

5 Reasons to do Graduate Studies in Canada

North America is well known for science and technology, which is mainly driven by research. Therefore, it is not unusual that North America is also famous for its graduate studies, especially the United States. However, getting in school in the US is tough and getting permanent resident status after you graduate is not easy. If you are an international student that is considering where to go for graduate studies, I would recommend coming to Canada.

My reasons for coming to Canada to do your graduate studies are as follows:
  1. There are great research universities in Canada. For example, the universities well known for science and technologies are: University of Toronto, McGill University, University of British Columbia, University of Waterloo, University of Alberta and more.
  2. Easy to get permanent residency (PR) status after you graduate. If you graduate with a Master degree, then as long as you get a job, you can easily apply for your PR status. As for PhD, the government grants certain amount of PR status to the PhD graduates.
  3. Many opportunities which includes career and research. With Canada being near to the US, many companies and researchers from the US comes to Canadian universities to hire new graduates or just to give talks. US is very accessible once you get your Canadian citizenship.
  4. Great scholarships for outstanding students. There are scholarships that doesn't require one to be PR or citizen to get those scholarships. Examples includes Ontario Graduate Scholarship and the NSERC Vanier Scholarship.
  5. Most universities in Canada doesn't required GRE (unlike the US).
  6. (Not really important) Canada really needs young people to overcome the aging society and Canadian welcome the idea of multicultural as opposed to US the only American culture (not to say that it is bad).
I hope that you find this information useful. Don't hesitate to leave a question in the comments if you have one.

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