Tuesday, 13 August 2013

4 Useful Website related to Grad Studies

 By now, I believe a lot of people have already received the notice of acceptance/rejection for graduate schools. If you are one of those who got acceptable, congratulations! However, if you failed, then I would suggest you to not to give up and find a job while you continue to work hard in getting into grad school. Being in grad school is very different from undergraduate. You find yourself doing research, courses and teaching all at the same time. So, I decided to share with you 4 websites that provide advices on grad school.

Personally, my number one favorite is The GradCafe. It has two useful components to it, namely forums and blogs. I find the forum very useful as it provides advices from applying to grad school to grad life. All of these advices are provided by members themselves. Thus, you have many advices from different perspective. The blogs are also written by members. But, it seems to me that it is harder to find articles that gives you advices. Instead, a lot of it is on life of a graduate student.

Second on my list is GradHacker. GradHacker offers tons of advices on grad life by other grad students. However, it lacks of advices on the application process to grad school. Nonetheless, if you are currently a graduate student, I am sure you will find something useful here. Another similar website is Next Scientist. The site/blog is nicely designed and it is developed by Julio Peirocenly. While Next Scientist is more business orientated, it has a lot of good articles for graduate student. Definitely worth taking a look at.

On the contrary, GradSchools.com is site that helps to find your ideal graduate program. It has more advices on the application process of graduate school. A great site for those who are thinking to apply to grad school this coming fall.

That's all the sites/blogs that have I came across which offer advices on grad school. If you know any other site, please feel free to let me know. You can also join the LinkedIn discussion.

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