Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Blog Writers Wanted

My apologies for not being able to write for this week. As my graduation approaches, I am getting busier. This will mean less time for me to write for this blog and to generate content for it. Also, I will be starting my new job in The MathWorks in late October, this will mean that less time for me to write after I graduate. In consideration of these two situations, I am hoping to find someone (or even better a group of people) to take over this blog.

When I say to "take over this blog", it would mean that one would be responsible for writing, improving and marketing this blog. I will still be on the team but I will be contributing much less than the new writers/owners. In the case which we can assemble a team of writers, then the decision will be made entirely by the team through. If conflicts arise, a voting system will be used.

My way of managing the blog is to write two posts every week. Therefore, one should at least write one post per week. Also, the aim of this blog is to share knowledge related to graduate studies. The post that you write should be focused on sharing knowledge. There is also a small emphasize on sharing knowledge on skills used in control theory. These knowledge are shared under the cateogries - Control - Skills, Grad - Why and How, Grad Life, Jobs and Research - Skills.

Also, I also use Google Ad Sense in the blog. This means I have very small income every month (around 20 cents a month). This is one issue that is required to be taken care of. When you decide to join us, we can negotiate how this income can split. If appropriate, we can also take away Ad Sense from the blog.

If you are interested in taking over this blog, please contact me at the following email - kusanagiblade331@hotmail.com. I am looking forward to hear back from whoever that is interested.

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